6 Things You Should Stop Doing At The GYM

6 Things You Should Stop Doing At The GYM

Do you exercise for a long period but can’t see results? If the problem is not with your diet, and you know how to work out properly, the lack of focus or intensity could be the issue. Because of that, here are the 6 things you should stop doing at the gym!

Ps: This article was not included in our schedule, but today I witnessed such an absurd situation in the gym that I decided to share some thoughts. My purpose is not to judge but to show that when you are not focused, you sabotage your own results and hinder everyone around you – who also pay and have the same right to use the gym as you do.

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1. Using A Spot/Machine For A Long Time

This is precisely the reason for today’s article. During my workout today, one guy decided that he would use the same machine for 1h15. I swear I’m not lying!

During this period, I noticed that he did TWO exercises – squats and deadlifts. His audacity was such that he used his 10 minutes of rest between one set and another to check his phone and drink coffee.

Now, if you do the same, I am sorry to tell you, not only are you killing your workout but you must be hated by everyone. It’s okay to take longer rests between the sets, but if you take 10 minutes, you are doing it very wrong. Don’t be this guy!

2. Using Your Phone

I’m not going to lie and say that I don’t use my phone during the gym, but you must have common sense. Stop to think about this: if you only spend 1 hour of your day working out, you have all the time in the world to answer your friends outside the gym.

If you really want to reach your goals, keep in mind you should try to give your best every workout. You will hardly do an intense workout if you pick up your phone every 2 minutes.

My rests between sets range from 45 to 90 seconds. I don’t want to say that this should be your goal, but by resting too much longer, you will definitely be sabotaging your results. Remember, you will not build muscle mass with average workouts. It has to be intense!

3. Avoid Talking Too Much

One of the bodybuilders I follow often says that you are not working hard if you can talk during, or right after finishing a set. If you can speak naturally while exercising, you are not working hard enough.

It’s that simple! If you want to build muscle, you have to work hard. If you don’t believe me, next time you go to the gym, find someone at an advanced level and notice how they work out.

You must be entirely focused on executing the exercise to hit the muscle until it fails. When you do an intense set, you naturally go out of breath. Beware of your workout buddy who talks too much and focus on your goals!

Tip for Men: Guys, don’t be that dude who goes to the gym and tries to talk to every woman there. Everyone is there to work out, so find an appropriate place if you’re looking for a girlfriend or a date. Use common sense, don’t be rude and respect people.

4. Keeping Machines Or Dumbbells For Yourself

This is another thing that makes anyone angry. That guy who wants to use 3 machines simultaneously, 15 different dumbbells, or whatever.

You see, guys, I understand that sometimes you want to do some supersets or whatever, but àgain, it’s about common sense. If your gym is not busy, go for it. If your gym is small or really busy, don’t do that.

You are not special because you are at a more advanced level. Everyone has the same right to be there.

5. Not Cleaning Up After Yourself

Besides being a matter of hygiene, cleaning the place you used became a must during the pandemic – for obvious reasons. When all this passes and Covid is no longer an issue, make sure you continue to sanitize the machine or whatever you have used.

Have you ever laid down on an utterly sweaty bench? It’s disgusting, right? So don’t do that to others. No one wants to share your bodily fluids.

6. Return Things To The Place You Found Them

The other day a girl had to ask me for help because a guy used the squat machine and left the barbell on top, with 40 kg on each side. In addition to the girl not reaching the barbell, she almost hurt her back trying to take the weight off herself.

Remember that, besides you, there are beginners and elderly people who go to the gym. Make life easier for these people, be polite, and remember that you must leave the machine as you found it.

Final Thoughts

We can synthesize the 6 things you should stop doing at the gym into 2 key points: respect and common sense.

Remember that even though you are paying, the gym is still a public space – with other people paying to be there as well. In theory, this means that everyone should have access to the same things you do.

Don’t be arrogant and think of others! I understand that sometimes we need a machine for a longer time, so make sure you are efficient. If you use the same spot for 20 minutes, make sure those 20 minutes were actually used for the exercise, not for checking your Instagram account.

These tips will not only make you reach your goals faster, but they will also prevent people from thinking you are an individualistic person. We thank you for that!

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