are home workouts effective?

Are Home Workouts Effective? The Truth about Working Out at Home

The pandemic affected people’s routines and habits, challenging the most significant concern of any human being: health. As the gyms were closed, many people had to readjust to continue exercising, which raised many questions about workout routines.

Is it possible to progress and increase performance working out at home? Today’s article will answer this and other questions so you can ponder whether you should go back to the gym or not.

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Can You Build Muscle with Home Workouts?

In a nutshell, yes, you can. Like in the gym, the results you achieve will depend on the intensity of your workout, the way you eat, adequate rest interval, good nights sleep, and more. There are several compound exercises that you can incorporate into your home workout plan, making it as challenging as your gym workout.

Your results will depend on three things: consistency, hard (and efficient) work, and time. This means that you should also be concerned about executing every movement correctly so that you can get the most out of each workout – and avoid injury.

As always, we recommend that you see your doctor or a personal trainer to understand how you can structure an effective workout routine for your body. Remember that each organism is unique, so easy exercises for me can be difficult or more uncomfortable for you – and vice versa.

Is it Possible to Work Out at Home Without Equipment?

Yes, it is possible, but you must take a few factors into account. To progress on your fitness journey – regardless of your goals – you will need to work with continuous progression. In other words, over time, your body will adapt to your workout, so you have to make it more challenging to keep progressing.

This will involve adding more resistance to the exercises or simply more load. So if you want to lose weight or gain muscle mass, you can start with a home workout without equipment, but it will be necessary to find ways to make the exercise harder over time.

Should I Go to a Gym or Exercise at Home?

That answer will depend on two things: your fitness level and how much you can spend exercising.
It is possible to do a full workout at home if you are a beginner, but you will need to invest in some essential equipment over time, such as a pull-up bar, sets of dumbbells, and more.

If you’ve been training for a while, the gym is the best option, as you can constantly adapt and make your training difficult without worrying about buying new equipment.

What are the Benefits of Working Out in the Gym?

The variety of equipment in the gym is the main difference – especially for isolated workouts. Gyms offer everything from cardio machines to weighted equipment, so it’s easy to structure a workout routine – whether your focus is strength, endurance, aerobic exercise, or hypertrophy.

In addition, the variety of equipment and weights helps you progress with the load, which is essential for you to progress on your fitness journey. Besides that, as you have to pay to go to the gym, it can also be an incentive to be more consistent and disciplined with your training.

What are the Benefits of Working Out at Home?

Home workouts are an excellent strategy for people who have little time to exercise or dislike the gym environment.

Most home workouts are faster, as you can do it at your own pace, and you still save the time you would spend on the way to the gym. Also, they can be great for you to keep in shape without spending extra money.

What is the Best Free Workout App?

Of all the apps I tested during the pandemic, the one I liked the most was Home Workout – as you won’t need any equipment.

The free version has several types of workouts for beginners, intermediates and advanced, enough for you to start working out at home. In addition, the app counts the time for you, illustrates the exercises and gives tips while you work out.

It’s a straightforward app that includes full-body workouts or specific training (like chest or leg). Practices are relatively short, and the app includes a calendar so you can keep track of the days you’ve trained!

The Best YouTube Fitness Channels

Several YouTube channels of certified professionals can help you create a home workout routine, so you must find content sources that align with your goals:

Home Workout for Muscle Growth

If you want to build muscle mass, muscle strength and endurance, you can look for channels that talk about Calisthenia. Callisthenics usually involves high-intensity bodyweight compound exercises, so it will be a very challenging workout – which can also help you burn extra calories.

One of the channels that most inspired and motivated me to do more bodyweight exercises was That’s Good Money. If you don’t know these guys yet, I recommend you stop what you’re doing and watch a video or two. In addition to teaching different techniques, they are a real source of inspiration. Check it out!

Home Workout for Weight Loss

If your goal is to lose weight, you can look for HIIT workouts or cardio exercises to raise your heart rate to promote more intensity in your workout. These exercises will help improve your endurance, cardiovascular health, and health overall.

One of the channels I recommend is Pamela Reif, which contains several videos to burn those extra calories and content for all fitness levels. I believe it’s an excellent channel for women, so don’t waste time and start your routine right now!

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